Good Workout Music Is So Much More Than Listening To A Fast Beat.

So when you are looking for the good workout music what does that exactly mean?

Well if you want exceptional results from your workouts, and you want your music to deliver them, follow the tips below:

1. Fast and slow intervals accelerate fitness gains and fat loss. It’s essential that good workout music contains intervals. These periods of intense exercise and then calming rest have proven results, you just need to look at workouts like Body for life results, or even turbulence training.

2. The workout music should be able to psyche you up and calm you down. In scientific terms this is called emotional and physiological arousal. The key to your success with exercise is actually the intensity you exercise at. Your bodies ability to three things will determine your success.

  • Anticipation – this is the point where good workout music will be able to build nervous energy just waiting to be unleashed.
  • Explosion – this is your sprint, it where the music’s beat needs to be able to convert that nervous energy in full on, intense exercise.
  • Rest and recovery – The workout music’s ability to calm you down after your sprint is also vital. The faster your body calms down and rests, the quicker it recovers for its next intense phase. (The worlds best tennis players had one thing in common, their ability to truly rest between games.)

3. Good workout music to be able to distract your mind. It’s called dissociation – really it’s just getting your mind to trick you. Good music has the ability to distract your mind from thinking about how tough the exercise is, instead you basically feel pumped up and forget about your fatigue.

4. The beat needs to be a little faster than you normally exercise. Ever been jogging and listening to music and all of a sudden you are jogging in time with the beat? It’s called Synchronisation, a phenomena that happens automatically. Whatever beat is playing your physical activity will match – and here’s the best thing – matching it at a higher pace will feel less difficult than running at that pace without music.(The Ethiopian long distance runner Haile Gebrselassie is famous for setting world records running in time to the rhythmical pop song “Scatman.”)

So, according to the research good workout music will make your workouts a lot more effective and much more enjoyable.

With this in mind, I would like to introduce you to Intervalmp3.

Intervalmp3 is workout music specifically designed according to the science you have just read about.

Its goal was to try and put a personal trainer in your mp3, so you didn’t have to even think about your workouts

Doing that has put great results on automatic.

Thousands of people around the planet use IntervalMp3 to make their workouts easier and get better results.

It’s the pinnacle of good workout music.

Take a listen to the demos on the left

For more on these kinds of workouts click here.

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  1. CarlEtienne
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  2. CarlEtienne
    1127 days ago


    I was afraid the music wouldn’t be good, but it just rocks!

    Thanks for a great product.


  3. Mary Knipp
    845 days ago

    No more watching a clock. The music is the cue. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
    Yes, I felt like I was going to throw up, but I pushed through and lots some lbs. after my first workout! I’m SO recommending this to friends!